About us

Eva Deible Siegl
Welcome to Villas Canarias . We are an independent Lanzarote Estate Agent established and located since October 1993 in Puerto del Carmen – Lanzarote in the same office under the same name and management. This office has been opened by me Eva Deible Siegl in 1993. I am from Austria – have finished my studies of economics in Austria and came over to live here in Lanzarote in 1989 . After having learned fluent spanish I started to work in a lawyers office . After having  learned a lot about property transactions  I decided to open my own independent Real estate company  called Villas Canarias  in 1993 in Puerto del Carmen . I did my Master degree in real estate and since 1993 you find me in the same office under the same name  and with the same contact details  real estate agency   Villas Canarias  in calle  Guardilama Nº. 6, 35510 Puerto del Carmen Lanzarote Telephone: (0034) 629 635352.